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Biodegradable Hypo Allergenic Silk..., Natural Wild & Cultivated Silk..., Quality Eco Friendly Products...
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Natural organic silk

Silk is naturally biodegradable, organic and hypo allergenic

Sericulture or the growing of silk must take place in a chemical free and natural environment. Silkworm larvae are extremely sensitive to chemicals of any kind. The best quality silk is produced in an eco friendly environment.

Silk is naturally biodegradable, organic and hypo allergenic. Dust mites do not live in silk and insects do not eat silk. Silk is a pure natural protein, kind to the skin and has unique thermal qualities, making it ideal for bedding, clothing and cosmetics.

Tsakani supports the sustainable silk harvesting and mainly focus on the small scale production of hand crafted quality silk products in South Africa, supporting local crafts people and small industries with a low impact on the environment.

Small Scale Sericulture
Cocoon Harvest
Preparing Cocoons
Reeling Silk
Basket with Silk Skeins
Carding Silk
Spinning of Silk
Hand Looming of Silk

Sustainable Silk Harvesting and Eco-Friendly Products

  • Hand Woven Accessories
  • Decor
  • Proudly South African
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